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How To Install Brazilian Hair Extensions The Right Away

How To Install Brazilian Hair Extensions The Right Away

As a woman, there is no doubt that you’d do everything in your power to make yourself look fashionable and stylish everywhere you go. Your hairstyle will definitely be a staple of your wardrobe, so it is best to put a significant amount of effort into your hair! If you’re not happy with the length of your hair, you should consider investing in some hair extensions. Brazilian hair extensions and other types can prove to be a great investment for women that are not satisfied with the length or appearance of their hair. Once you’ve acquired these extensions, you’ll need to learn how to install them properly.

Two Options

When attempting to invest in hair extensions, you should realize that there are two different types and each is installed in a different way. A lot of women prefer clip-in hair extensions, because they’re so convenient. Clip-in extensions are available as synthetic hair and human hair. The hair is attached to a clip, which will temporarily attach to your hair. If you only want temporary extensions, you should definitely buy the clip-in type. However, if you’re interested in something a little more permanent, you should invest in fusion hair extensions.

The fusion type of Brazilian hair extensions will be treated with a special type of keratin wax or glue. Then, it will be melted into the hair. These clip-ins are generally more expensive, but they last significantly longer.

Installing Fusion Extensions

Before installing fusion extensions, it is crucial to make sure your hair is free of oily residue and buildup. Clarifying your hair will prevent the extensions from sticking to your hair. So, do not skip this step because it is extremely important. Once you complete this step do not utilize any other hair care products, since this would only add to the things you just removed.

If you are concerned about clarifying shampoos removing or stripping away too much, consider investing in a brand that is made from organic materials. Dry your hair completely and utilize a divider to part out small sections of your hair. This hair will be utilized to fuse the extensions and protect your scalp from burns.

Cut a cardstock into a circular shape, about three inches in width. Cut a small slit on the right or le

ft side of the circle and then make an enlarged hole about two millimeters in width at the center. This will allow you to slide small sections of hair to the center, where the fusion extension can be attached at the root.

Installing Clip-In Brazilian Hair Extensions

The good news is that installing clip-in extensions is very easy. After you’ve selected the right extension, you’ll need to go ahead and divide your hair into sections. Once you’ve finished, only a thin layer of hair should be left hanging down the neck. As you begin adding the extensions to the hair, you will allow more hair to flow downward. Before adding the extensions, it is a good idea to tease the hair to add volume near the base. This will ensure that the clips have plenty of space and coverage. It will also help conceal the fact that you’re wearing extensions!

After you’ve teased the hair, you should grab the clip and attach it to the roots. Be sure to dig into the hair as much as possible to get the most secure attachment. After you’ve finished, you should go ahead and put the final touches on your hair style. Make sure that the clip is secured in place as you go.