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Categories in Hair & Beauty Cosmetics

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Categories in Hair & Beauty Cosmetics

Hair and beauty products always have a market. Those are most sought for products in the cosmetics industry. From layman to models, everyone wants to get their hands on it. Who doesn’t like to flaunt a stylish and majestic hair? Before your head out for the next hair and beauty cosmetics shopping, you must know about the categories of products in this space.

Shampoos & Rinses

Shampoos, as well as rinses, cleanse your hair. You might be surprised at how much vital cleansing will prove towards health of your hair. Rinses follow shampooing to condition your unruly hair. Some products combine the formulation of both shampoos and rinses.

Hair Sprays

Sprays are rapidly drying liquids to use on hair. Its ingredients hold hair in place for few hours by sticking on to it. They are really easy to use and it comes at much cheaper costs.

Hair Conditioners

For silky and smooth hair, you would choose hair conditioners. They make up for the loss of natural oil lost in hair wash. Product safety is ensured via adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Tonics & Dressings

Tonics & dressings help combing and styling of hair. They are either applied directly or via brush or comb. They help bring out every style possible on your hair. It helps as a short-term as well as long-term fix.

Hair Straighteners and Relaxers

Straighteners, as the name suggests, straighten your hair. It is also helpful in softening and loosening your curls. Product safety is given too much importance considering the possible side effects of straighteners and relaxers.

Permanent Waves

This is more of a treatment employed to create curls or enhance existing ones. It is an effective type of curl reformation. For ages and ages, people tried to add that curl to straight hair.